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Jublii Carriers

All you need to know


Standard issue features

  • Dual adjust waist buckle,

  • Dual adjust straps with clips for more wearing options,

  • Perfect fit adjusters on front of straps near panel,

  • Built in head rest that can be folded down when not needed,

  • Flat hood that clips on straps.

  • Strap length adjusts from 18 inches full cinched to 40 inches let all the way out.

  • Waist strap lets out to 65 inches. The structured part of the waist band (not including webbing) is 26 inches straight across on all sizes

  • Jublii can be worn on front, and on front with straps crossed in back.  Can also be worn on the back, and in a hip carry.


The body of the Jublii is contoured for a deeper seat and longer wearing. The sizing is generous and allows for longer use of the same carrier

In Stock carriers: ($160-$175)

Since we are a small company, we seldom offer in-stock/ready to ship carriers.  We do have a small selection available on Amazon, but only in small and standard sizes.  We mainly keep our focus on Custom Carriers.

Custom carriers: ($170-$250)

We offer:

  • custom cotton prints (where you pick out your own fabric)

  • woven wrap conversions (using any baby wrap of your choice, new or used)

All custom carriers do not include hoods or accessories. Each accessory/add-on/change will incur additional costs for you.

**For Big Kid sizes, add an additional $10

Jublii seamstresses supply the canvas, webbing, and buckles from our workshop.  These are items that were safety and weight tested to ASTM F2236 standards.

The outer layer is decorative only.  


Basic cotton Print

1 yard needed

This is a carrier with a full panel of fabric.  Quilters cotton panel with or without contrast legs out padding. Paired with matching canvas on straps and waistband.


 Half wrap conversion

3 or more meters needed

This is a carrier with the entire OUTSIDE of the carrier body covered in the selected wrap, including the straps and waistband. The inside of the carrier is backed in matching canvas or twill.


Cotton Print with Mesh

1 yard needed

This carrier has a mesh panel. The inner of the panel is fully mesh, the outer is mesh with a frame of quilters cotton. Paired with matching canvas straps and waistband.


Half wrap conversion with mesh

2 or more meters needed

This carrier has the wrap on all outside parts, and a corresponding canvas color inside.  The panel has a full mesh interior


Panel wrap conversion

1 or more meter needed

This is a carrier with only the panel covered in the selected wrap. The waistband and straps are covered in matching canvas or twill.

$10 is always added to any custom carrier selection to accommodate adjustments needed for Big Kid Size carriers

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